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We provide a Thai massage to help you overcome chronic pain, recover from injuries and illness, reduce stress, and participate in proactive healthcare and wellness. If you suffer from the above symptoms it is advisable to visit our masseuse.

For a person who has mild levels of stress and low blood pressure, a 45 to 60 minutes massage session will be fit for you once in a month. For a person suffering from chronic pains, high levels of stress and scar tissues; it is wise to spare your 60 to 90 minutes bi-weekly for a massage session. Athletes, we all know that your body gets weary after games and you suffer from constant muscle pulls and a depleted body. Thus 60 to 90 minutes of massage every week is wise to venture into.

Our massage will help your muscles dilate thus letting enough blood flow meaning more oxygen to your body as well as flush toxins out of your body. The massage will leave you relaxed and offer a good restoration of your tore muscles.

90 mins $129

60 mins $99

45 mins $79

Uspa skin care Glowing facial includes meditative massage. We use USPA premium skin care products made from natural extracts from plants and grown in the Australian sunshine. More Detail

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90 mins $155

60 mins $115

Begin your journey with a full body polish with one of our amazing body exfoliators. More Detail

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90 mins $149

60 mins $99

45 mins $89

30 mins $79

A mix of coffee and sea kelp is used to stimulate the circulation, detoxify and gently exfoliate the skin. More Detail

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90 mins $115

60 mins $75

45 mins $65

30 mins $55

We created the perfect technique of combining traditional Thai and oil massages for your comfort by using palm pressure and stretching to help ease muscle tension. More Detail

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